Dedicated CoolSculpting® Staff

Our CoolSculpting® Specialists Are Certified & Handpicked by Dr. Germain


Custom CoolSculpting® experience


Certified CoolSculpting® staff


Over 5,000 treatments from certified CoolSculpting® staff

From start to finish, our providers will make sure your custom CoolSculpting® experience at Germain Dermatology is safe, comfortable, and effective. We pledge a Lovely Results Promise to all our patients, as we believe that no one should leave our practice unsatisfied with their results.

Led by our cosmetic dermatology head Lauren Whitehead and lead CoolSculpting® coordinator Lauren Banks, Germain Dermatology’s team of experienced CoolSculpting® specialists boasts excellent qualifications. To ensure you are in the best hands, our providers are all:

  • appropriately licensed to use medical-grade devices,
  • certified by CoolSculpting® University, and
  • trained and supervised by Dr. Marguerite Germain herself.

Since 2010 — when we became the very first practice in South Carolina to offer CoolSculpting® — our team has performed more than 5,000 successful CoolSculpting® procedures and is now ranked #1 in the state by the device’s manufacturer, Zeltiq. View photos of our clients before and after they received CoolSculpting® at Germain Dermatology.

We would be happy to provide more details about our CoolSculpting® treatments to anyone curious about the process. To request a free consultation with one of our CoolSculpting® specialists, contact our office online or by phone at 843-881-4440.