Post-Holiday CoolSculpting®

The colder winter months are the time when many people prefer to have cosmetic treatments, because “stay-home days”—perfect for anyone looking to have a little post-session down time—are built in to the weather. Coincidentally, it’s also the part of the year when we celebrate by indulging in elaborate feasts, alcohol, and sugary snacks. Now is the chance to cut yourself some slack, veg on the couch, and finally relax after a long, busy year. Sadly, all of this sometimes culminates in a dreaded holiday weight gain and “box-set skin”—not to mention the residual stress from searching for presents for everyone on your list.

Anyone looking to lose some of this excess winter fat can contact Germain Dermatology in Charleston, known for CoolSculpting® (and helping patients to de-stress).

Want to look great for the New Year? Get going on your resolutions with the popular non-invasive fat-reduction method. This is the ideal choice for anyone who has committed to making some changes in 2020, since a visible sign of progress—such as a smaller waistline—can provide motivation to keep moving toward other, less-tangible lifestyle achievements. Some patients find that the little “push” they get from CoolSculpting® serves as a catalyst to overhaul their diet, their activity levels, and even their long-term goals. The ultimate result is not just a slimmer-looking body, but healthier living and a more confident outlook.

CoolSculpting® is a scientifically backed treatment that relies on cooling technology to get rid of fat cells. As the weeks and months pass after a session, the treated area gradually takes on a leaner appearance. The process triggers the body to metabolize fat cells from areas where you don’t want them, like the thighs, stomach, under the chin, back, bra areas, under the butt, upper arms, or on the waist or flanks. A single treatment session is a fast, convenient method of sending fat packing from trouble zones, though multiple sessions are often recommended in order to reduce volume down to desired amounts.

Starting these treatments in the winter also has another advantage: By the time warm weather returns, you’ll be ready to show off your new contours in more summer-appropriate outfits.

Have questions or concerns about the CoolSculpting® procedure? Germain Dermatology is here to help you get started. Talk to the Charleston-area team today by calling 1-844-SC-CHILL or filling out a contact form.