Work Toward Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions with CoolSculpting®

Each year, losing weight and “getting healthy” are among the most common New Year’s resolutions made by men and women in the United States. However, it can be difficult to break lifelong bad habits, and by the time February rolls around, most of us have forgotten our fitness goals. The excuses are endless: We tell ourselves we’re too busy, or we’ll start tomorrow, or we deserve a “cheat day” … that turns into a “cheat week” or “cheat month.” While CoolSculpting® is not a weight loss tool or substitute for healthy living, the treatment can put you on the right track for visible results, helping you to shift your mindset and find the motivation you need to reach your body goals. Nonsurgical fat reduction from Charleston’s Germain Dermatology can be exactly the incentive you need to finally kickstart the long-term weight loss and healthy eating plan you’ve been putting off.

Psychological factors play a major role when it comes to weight loss. It’s simple, really: Looking your best makes you feel better. Seeing physical results can also let your body know that your efforts are “paying off,” further motivating you to keep up with lifestyle changes.

Choosing CoolSculpting® to minimize love handles, a bulging belly, a double chin, or some other diet-resistant, flabby area can make you feel good about yourself, happier, and confident about attaining your exercise, diet, or other goals.

It also helps that the early, cooler months of the year are the perfect time to get a body-slimming procedure done before bikini season finally arrives. Experts recommend combining CoolSculpting® with standard workouts to maximize the effects of both.

Be aware, however, that this treatment won’t stop you from gaining more weight in the future if you go back to a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet. Regardless, people who are satisfied with the way they look after CoolSculpting® can be inspired to continue working on their body to better maintain their results. After putting time and money into the procedure, it’s natural to want to protect your investment.

Turn your fitness goals into action today with help from Germain Dermatology in Charleston. Have questions about CoolSculpting®? To initiate a consultation request, call 1-844-SC-CHILL, or send a message online.

CoolSculpting® to Reduce Belly Fat

We all have parts of our body we may not be totally happy with, be it some extra flab on the backs of our arms, obvious love handles, an annoying double chin, or perhaps a protruding belly. Of course, you can learn to love these flaws and accept them—but if you’re just within reach of achieving an overall slimmer figure, why let any resistant rolls or bulges hold you back? For patients in the Charleston area considering fat reduction, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Marguerite Germain and her team advise scheduling a consultation to determine whether CoolSculpting® is right for your needs.

When CoolSculpting® is applied to a specific area, some of the fat cells under the skin are frozen and ultimately broken down, leaving behind leaner contours. This can be thought of as a nonsurgical alternative to traditional liposuction surgery—though it may not provide as dramatic results as a surgical procedure would. CoolSculpting® isn’t a substitute for weight-loss surgery for obese patients, but can target smaller areas of subcutaneous belly fat. The applicator that is used on the stomach is designed to be especially effective on that specific region. To help the body process and flush out the dead fat cells, your provider will gently massage the abdominal area at the end of the session.

If you’ve recently noticed that you’re carrying extra weight around the middle, or perhaps you’ve always had a slight beer gut, there could be many reasons for the bulge. It’s a no-brainer that having a less-than-stellar diet and an inactive lifestyle are contributors to the problem of excess fat. Aging, stress, inadequate sleep, smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption might also play a role.

Some people may be genetically predisposed to having an apple-shaped body because of the way their body fat is distributed. Gender also comes into play, as men are prone to having more of a paunch, while women usually store fat on the lower body around the hips, thighs, and butt. Hormonal changes as women approach middle age can also cause a wider waist.

While CoolSculpting® can’t repair stretched-out skin and muscles, it can be beneficial for women who hope to restore their stomach to a look of pre-pregnancy contours.

Germain Dermatology in Charleston offers a wide range of cosmetic procedures, including CoolSculpting®. Talk to someone about fat reduction today by visiting the practice, phoning 1-844-SC-CHILL, or submitting a contact form.